Investing for Income

Investing in retirement takes a different approach than investing to build wealth. In retirement, investing for income becomes much more important.

What’s Your Fee Schedule?

Good morning and welcome to the first annual financial planning and investment management fee summit. My name is Nate Narrator and today we’ll talk to a panel of financial advisors, planners and brokers to discuss their fee schedules and how they charge clients.

7 Ideas For A Healthy Retirement

Ida Keeling is 103 years old and a fitness buff. She holds the world record for the 100-meter dash with a time of 1 minute and 17 seconds for the age category of 100 to 104. She started running at age 67 after one of her sons passed away and said, “Running to me is like medicine.”[1]

Are Changes Ahead for Workplace Retirement Accounts?

Morning Market Review April 5, 2019

Morning Market Review April 5, 2019.png

Estate Planning: How We Can Help You Transfer Your Values Alongside Your Wealth

There’s this lingering myth of “old money families” where wealth is easily passed from generation to generation. But studies have shown wealth attrition to be more common, as bad investment decisions, mismanagement and dilution of assets between heirs eats into the family fortune.

Taxation Strategies and Proposals

“Doing good”: How to invest your money to make a difference

When I entered the investment industry in 1984 Peter Lynch was managing the highly successful Fidelity Magellan Fund. There was no talk among individual investors about excluding certain stocks from their portfolios for social reasons. The overall goal of investing was to maximize shareholder value. In other words, make the most money without regard to social impact.

How Do You Save For College? There Is No Wrong Answer!

Many of us cringe at the thought of paying for college. How do we even begin to think about that process? It's an incredibly expensive pursuit. The costs are forever rising when it comes to college expenses and that goes for private, public or trade schools.

Making Smart Social Security Decisions Is Harder Than You Might Think

You may have been told to start taking social security as soon as possible (when you reach age 62). Or that you can just keep right on working full time even as you collect. These are just two of the biggest Social Security misconceptions, and if you follow that advice it can end up costing you a lot.

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